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Helping you become who you’re meant to be in this world. Don’t settle for surviving, when you were made to   


You're not alone!

At different times in life, many of us find ourselves feeling helpless, depressed, and anxious. In our regressed state, we are not living life to the fullest but merely surviving. The past and present, combined with worries about what the future might bring, leaves us feeling pain in the mind and body.


I believe that each individual has the ability to heal and grow, creating real inner change and that a therapeutic relationship will allow you to explore thoughts, feelings, and behaviors from a place of curiosity and insight, while feeling supported, understood and safe. I believe that this service should be affordable for everyone.

Sue of White Brick Therapy offering online addictions counselling in Canada

Counselling for Individuals

Are you tired of feeling stuck?


Sick of encountering the same problems/issues/struggles over and over again? 




Change is very hard; we naturally fear it. I can help. I will work with you to get beneath the surface, sort through the layers and come to a place of deeper understanding and greater ability to make conscious choices. In both my professional and personal experience, I have come to believe in the transformative power of therapy.

Therapy requires courage and perseverance. Though it can be challenging, I can help you on the road to change.I strive to create a safe, healing non-judgmental space where you can explore your unresolved hurts, fears, and life's challenges.  


I am excited to take the first step in this transformative journey with you!

Hi, I'm Sue!

I am the founder of White Brick Therapy, a Registered Professional Counsellor, a Certified Addiction Counselor, and psychotherapy trained. I am also certified in trauma and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I use a psychodynamic approach which includes inner child work to find the root cause of your unease.  My aspiration is to help clients discover their true authentic selves and find healing in the process. 


Now over 10 years sober myself, I want to share the gift of healing and recovery with others!

“Active listening is the priority to provide positive change for people,” she says. “It doesn’t matter if there’s a virtual component involved. Be present for the listening.” 
- Kimberly-Ann O'Connor, FORBES MAGAZINE

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