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Therapy is a gift that you give yourself - everyone has the ability and resilience to heal from trauma

Canada Online treatment for addiction

Did you grow up in an environment with abuse, neglect, or unhealthy behaviors?

Are you a people-pleaser?

Do you think something is wrong with you?

Are you always looking for external validation to feel good about yourself? 


Our childhood experiences can shape our attitudes, behaviors, and choices today, but we can learn how to change. We can restructure our distorted thinking one day at a time. My goal from our first interaction to our last is to give you a safe space to feel heard and validated. A space to laugh, cry, and feel all the feels in between.

Together, we can help you heal from the past and look forward to a rich, full, purposeful life that encompasses the full range of emotions. Don't use a substance to numb or repress your emotions. You can live a life free from shame and guilt, and finally release the burden of unexpressed grief.


It’s time to allow yourself to be your true, authentic, transparent and vulnerable self without judgment.

What  can White Brick Therapy help you with . . .

Anxiety and depression

Addiction: addiction is a symptom, we need to address the underlying issues

Trauma and PTSD: trauma is not what happened TO US, it is what happens INSIDE OF US. Trauma includes growing up in an environment where abuse, neglect or unhealthy behavior affected us. This could include having parents with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, parents who were hypochondriacs, perfectionistic, or didn’t nurture us adequately.

Codependency: Co-dependence is a deeply-rooted, compulsive behavior. It is born out of our sometimes moderately, sometimes extremely dysfunctional families and other systems. We attempted to use others as our sole source of identity, value, well-being, and as a way of trying to restore our emotional losses.

“Active listening is the priority to provide positive change for people,” she says. “It doesn’t matter if there’s a virtual component involved. Be present for the listening.” 
- Kimberly-Ann O'Connor, FORBES MAGAZINE


Paul LaFave - Addiction Counselor

Paul has passion, integrity and an unwavering commitment to helping those who suffer from addiction and its devastating consequences.

An Addiction Counselor with over 20 years of lived experience and knowledge in the field of addiction. Paul is skilled in solution focused therapy and relapse prevention -  to help you reach your goals and make powerful changes in your life.


Sarah Rae - Addiction Counsellor

BHSc, MSc, PhD (c), CSEP-CEP

Sarah is a distinguished Health & Wellness Consultant with a remarkable journey through academia and personal growth. Armed with a strong academic foundation, Sarah holds an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology that laid the groundwork for her passion in understanding human movement and physiology. Building upon this foundation, she earned a Masters Degree in Nutritional Sciences, honing her expertise in the intricate relationship between diet and well-being. Currently on the path to a Ph.D. in Health Policy.

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Words from past and current clients

For the first time in my life I feel understood.  Sue helped me see and realize that I may have made mistakes but I am not a mistake. I am imperfect but also beautiful.  She helped me to embrace all of me. 



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